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2009-10-22 03:14:41 by thecokebitch

Yeah i gotta new alias - i'll still go by TCB here at new grounds, but if im ever to get signed or the likes i'll be going by the alias 0b....

Anywho, heres my


and my


Gimme sum support!



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2009-10-25 22:29:14

ha i have one for you, but it'll take some work. check out the band winds of plague, their song cold day in hell. the beginning would make a PERFECT dubstep mix; it's got all the triplet action you'll ever need. while i'm on it, why not welcome home by coheed and cambria as well? just some ideas... and if you need inspiration, check out trillbass, and their record label; there's some pretty badass stuff out there for dubstep, man.

thecokebitch responds:

Man that 'a cold day in hell' song is fucken kickass, and that 'welcome home' is right up there aswell! Hmmmmmmm - inspirations.... =P

But lol - if you wanna hear some metal-style dubstep, look up 'Saturday Night' by Borgore, that tune is fucken epiiic, infact, anything off the gorestep label is bogan. And yeah bro, trillbass is fucken mean, although my fav northern american dubstep comes from the 'Rottun' label - from artists by the likes of vaski, datsik, excision (to name a few).

Although, wat i was actually meaning by dubstep mix, is getting my decks out and spinning some tunes and recording it for ya lol


2009-10-28 00:35:13

Dude, these guys are pretty badass, man! Thanks for the names; I just very recently got into dubstep, and i fuckin love it cuz it's got the energy from d&b combined with the epicness of a death metal breakdown -- dude, I dunno what in god's name could be cooler than that! And I'm listening to Borgore right now; I had heard some of his stuff on his record label, but they didn't feature Saturday Night ( =`( ). Dude, this shit is off the fuckin chain!

And about recording shit on the decks: Man, I don't even have the slightest clue lol. I'm no DJ, so I can't help you out there much...which pisses me off lol. Dammit! Well, I guess a better question is...what would you be up for mixing? Metal? Rap?

thecokebitch responds:

lolol, yeah using decks - you basically get a whole heap of tunes, play one after the other, and have the smoothest as possible transistions between tunes.

So yeah, this is basically done by syncing the tempo of the tunes, or beatmatching, and using appropriate eq and fades to make things smooth. You can 'melodically' mix aswell where you match tunes which are in the same key etc.

What i was hinting with my newspost tho, is getting a whole lot of dubstep tunes, and doing the above ha. (and recording it). One example of a mix (im listening to as i type), can be downloaded from: (the bokahq002 mix)


2010-01-11 19:44:45

dude that poster is awesome but check out swagga by excision & datsik for a part of the mix

thecokebitch responds:

done bro - will get on it!


2010-01-12 06:57:08

After hearing your songs I'd love to hear a mix! Noticed you lived in Christchurch. Have you ever heard of rogue productions? they have some awesome DJ's at their parties.

thecokebitch responds:

Nah man? But weve had a huge line of dubstep producers n djs rock through, for example ive seen 16 bit, truth, excision, loefah, coki.... the list goes on haha


2010-01-13 18:27:05

More Dubstep please. My brother let me listen to some bomb stuff, and then his ass heads back to chicago to finish trainging for the Navy.

Bullshit right?

MOAR. Please.

thecokebitch responds:

More dubstep is on its way man.... pleeenty more


2010-01-17 15:12:01

Dude I want that tank!


2010-01-21 16:49:10